Is CBD intake like eating a plant based salad, can you take as much as you want for faster and more effective results? I am writing this blog post to give all CBD consumers some important information on this topic. 

  1. CBD taken orally tends to reduce saliva production in mouth.  If you are feeling dry mouth after taking an oral CBD product, increase the intake of fluids to stay hydrated.
  2. CBD makes you feel relaxed which at times can lead to the feeling of sleepiness.  It is better therefore to take a milder intake during the day time and increase the amount at night time
  3. CBD is generally taken 1 ml (dropper full) each time, twice a day for a tincture product (CBD Oil) having 1,200 mg CBD/30 ml bottle.  That will be 80 mg of CBD per day orally.  We recommend not taking more than 120 mg of CBD per day, unless you are consuming it for relief from the symptoms of anxiety.
  4. CBD tincture produced for anxiety relief has a concentration of 3,000 mg of CBD/30 ml which equates to 100 mg/ml (dropper full).  Daily intake suggested is 400-500 mg.  We suggest taking two droppers full (200 mg) twice a day. If you are taking any medications however for mental health disorders, do not take CBD as it can interfere with the production of P450.
  5. Too much CBD can be detrimental to you. There is no known long term detrimental effect from too much CBD though; high amounts of CBD intake can result in diarrhea, upset stomach, sleepiness, loss of appetite, fatigue, and weight loss.  CBD is generally gone from your system within 8 hrs.
  6. We also recommend giving a gap of 2 hrs plus if you are taking other medications.
  7. CBD does promote REM sleep