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Yogi Heal Brand manufactured by Nanopure Technologies, LLC

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Research, develop, and produce formulation that are quick acting for human wellness without any harmful side effects


Deliver maximum benefits with the smallest dosage in a cost effective manner using all natural organic products


Technical Information

Our products are NANO formulated, all NATURAL, GMP Lab produced, TESTED by 3rd party, ORGANIC compliant, FULL SPECTRUM or BROAD SPECTRUM. Our premium CBD is combined with a blend of spices, herbs, and natural oils to produce a superior product for your wellness. Our SPECIAL FORMUATION TECHNOLOGY assures wellness benefits in the shortest duration. We combine the art and science of ancient natural healing into our formulations to produce synergistic effects. Full mind and body relaxation. Enjoy a special cup of tea with our water soluble CBD and premium tea blends, take the CBD in soft gel capsules or oral dissolvable strips (similar to breath strips), intake sublingually our tinctures line of oil and water soluble formulations, or use our topical creams. We do it all

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